The goal of this blog is to spend the forty days of Lent writing forty minutes a day.  Part opportunism, part devotion, part just an excuse to think and write about things I like to think and write about.  I came up with forty different topics I could write about (including: “why am I doing this?” “on therapy” “cats” “why can’t I take a vacation in the 1980s, for real?” “prayer” and “the crazy thing that happened at the bank the other day”) , wrote them all down on scraps of paper, put them in a fancy crystal cookie jar we aren’t using, and: voila!  Each morning I will draw a new topic and each day, before I go to bed, spend forty minutes writing about it.


I’d love readers and feedback and ideas for topics, because probably by day ten I’ll be ready to go on to some new thing, because I can be flighty like that.  So thanks for reading!






One response to “40

  1. Melissa

    Sarah, loved your blog on yesallwomen. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful post. There were several spelling errors I thought you might want to correct, particularly since they probably wouldn’t be caught by spell check… You have a “there” that should be a ” their”. You wrote “immortal worlds” >> “immortal words”. You have a “simple” that should be simply and “Elliot Rogers screed” >> Elliot Rogers’ creed.

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